April is National Autism Awareness Month. While working with Children's Specialized Hospital, we have been able to meet remarkable families and kids with Autism. So with that we work with some great people here at WOBM.

One of our employees here at WOBM-FM has decided to help.  He has agreed to cut off his beard to raise money for Parents Of Autistic Children in New Jersey.  So Joey (the almost NO bearded man) wrote us all an email saying it's time for him to take off the beard and he'd like to raise money for charity, wondering if anyone in the company would jump in and help.

And yep you guessed it, everyone is willing to donate.

That's when another employee wrote and suggested  giving money to Parents Of Autistic Children (POAC,) since it's National Autism Month.  She is a fantastic, doting mom with an autistic child.  The love and bond between them,  Mommy and son ,is a beautiful thing.

This is so important to us here at WOBM.  Autism is big in New Jersey and even bigger in Ocean County.  Hope and love and a long journey ahead, but it's a great when everyone can open up their hearts and help out with these great families.  You might never have to deal with Autism but somebody in your life has to wake up every morning and walk in those shoes.

We will be following Joey's beard removal all week long...by next Monday he will no longer be the bearded man, but the man that has opened up and spearheaded a great way to raise money to help lots of families here in Ocean County.

There are 2 ways to donate:

Please write your checks payable to PARENTS OF AUTISTIC CHILDREN.  (A local Autism Charity located in Brick, NJ) ( POAC)


1015 Atlantic City Blvd.  Rt 9

Bayville, NJ 1015

c/0 The Ocean County Breakfast Show


If you'd like more information or to contact Parents Of Autism Children :  732 - 785 - 1099

It's a great way to help people.