The Ocean County Health Department is taking a unique approach in the fight to keep kids off drugs.

The "GAME" (Growing Children/Adolescent Minds Everywhere) Program provides sponsorships for youth sports teams who participate in a one-hour substance abuse prevention workshop.  It's a pilot program open to the first 40 teams who sign up, and Health Department spokeswoman Leslie Terjesen says it's not just for the kids themselves.

  "We're offering a program for children and parents," Terjesen said.  "Younger children, we really focus on self-esteem, healthy choices, how to say no... As the children are older, we're going to have children and parents together, and it's an hour program in identifying different types of drugs and substance abuse symptoms."

To qualify, teams must have at least 90% participation from both children and parents, and all attendees must sign a zero-tolerance policy.  Terjesen says that's when the Health Department's side of the deal kicks in.

"It's a reimbursable amount of up to $250.00 that we will give a team," Terjesen said.  "A reimbursement for a tournament, entry fee or other approved expenses."

For more information on the program, just click here.  To sign up, call the Ocean County Health Department at 732-341-9700 ext. 7223.