Best Prize You Ever Won At Jersey Shore Boardwalk?
If you were driving along Route 37 over the weekend, you might have seen a car with a giant stuffed animal strapped to the roof.  What better way to wrap up time in Seaside than with a big prize like that!
The largest prize I ever won was a stuffed Pokemon...
Ocean County’s Winning Bingo Spots
Over the weekend some friends and I went to play bingo.  It was a one-night benefit for a charity that we were glad to support.  My hope was to have a lighthearted night of fun.  The reality, though, was I got caught up in a stressful game that raised my blood pressure...
Candy Crush Makes Me Frustrated
Is this happening to you?  Are you addicted?  I just recently started playing this game--I guess I'm a little behind on, according to my daughter, "Everyone is playing it Mom".  Well I started now I can't stop!
Get Your “GAME” on in the War on Drugs
The Ocean County Health Department is taking a unique approach in the fight to keep kids off drugs.
The "GAME" (Growing Children/Adolescent Minds Everywhere) Program provides sponsorships for youth sports teams who participate in a one-hour substance abuse prevention workshop...
Jeopardy Fun With Shawn And Sue [VIDEO] [PHOTOS]
Harrogate Hosts their 2nd Annual Senior Vs. Senior Jeopardy
Great night in Lakewood at Harrogate for a fun Jeopardy Tournament. Thanks to the entire Staff and Residents at Harrogate for making us feel welcome ... great job! Thanks to all that came and donated to the schools' scholarship fund...