New legislation (2017) signed by Governor Christie will give the green light to school districts to hire retired police officers to patrol your kids school. The school officers will be armed. The bill (S-86/A-3629) will allow the retired officers to be used at New Jersey's private and public schools and at community college's around the state.


One of the bills sponsors, Republican Anthony Bucco, says the legislation will benefit students and taxpayers. Bucco added "it will save taxpayers a lot of money by allowing school districts and municipalities to hire these officers at a much lower rate and without the need for pension and health benefit contributions". The measure allows schools to hire retired poilce who are under the age of 65.


Personally ... I like the idea of added security and it will provide added jobs.


So how do you feel about this move? Do You Feel Safer with Armed Guards at Your Kids School? Let us know what you think ....




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