For some people, those pleading eyes are just too much. You're sitting down to a nice meal and your pet is looking at you like you're eating the very last piece of food in the whole world and he or she will starve if you don't share.

Do you give in and let your furry pal partake in some "people food" or do you stick to your guns and ignore the puppy dog eyes?

I have a rule with my dog, Sydney - the only table scrap that she's allowed is a little bit of pizza crust. I figure it's more or less just bread, so there's nothing in it can would be bad for her, and it's a nice little treat that she looks forward to (and believe me, she knows when I get pizza that there will be a little for her when I'm done).

I figure that way she won't get into the habit of begging when people are eating and I won't have to worry if she's getting something that's bad for her or could harm her (among the well known foods that are bad for dogs; chocolate, onions, etc, there are also others that you may not have known about).

So what's your rule with a pleading pet? Do you indulge them? Do you allow them just the occasional tasty perk? Or do you keep the "people food" away from them all together? Comment below and let us know!