What are you getting Dad for "Father's Day"  ?

Most consumers plan to show Dad the same amount of love this Father’s Day as they showed Mom on Mother’s Day, according to PriceGrabber. Results from PriceGrabber’s 2012 Father’s Day Shopping survey reveal that 70% of consumers are planning to spend the same amount of money on Father’s Day gifts as they did on Mother’s Day gifts this year.

Here's Some Findings :

57% plan to spend less than $100 on gifts; 21% of consumers plan to spend between $100 and $249 on gifts, 11% plan to spend more than $250, and 11% said they don’t have a budget when shopping for Father’s Day gifts this year.

When asked to select all of the types of gifts they plan to purchase for Father’s Day, 41% said practical gifts, 23% said hobby related gifts such as golf, baseball or sporting goods equipment, and 21% selected entertainment gifts such as consumer electronics, music, videos games or movies as presents. Another 21% plan to buy clothing and accessories, and 15% are opting for an outdoor item purchase such as barbeque tools or outdoor furniture. Only 18% plan to buy a tech-type gift such as a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

Any really "creative" Father's Day Gift Ideas ? Share with our listeners....