We all have places we remember from our childhood hometowns. Restaurants, ice cream shops, pizza parlors, etc. It can be a lot of fun to visit and relive those old memories, but sometimes those places are sadly gone.

I made one of those surprising discoveries recently when I drove through my childhood hometown, Highland Park, and noticed that the old ice cream shop that my friends and I used to hang out at, The Corner Confectionery, was replaced with a pottery store. It was a pretty shocking discovery, "The Corner", as we called it, had been in the same place for generations. A lot of my friends' parents even went there when they were kids. It was an old school ice cream parlor, with a long marble counter with stools, cases of loose chocolates and candy, and booths in the back to sit and eat your sundaes at. As an adult, I'd be afraid to think of the calories I took in after school at "The Corner".

Another favorite hangout, Chapter One Cafe & Bookstore, closed years ago. I drove through Highland Park after I graduated college and noticed that another favorite hangout had become a bridal shop. A couple places still exist, Highland Pizza is still right there by the high school as it has always been. But it's always somewhat sad to lose those other mainstays of childhood.

So tell us about some of your favorite local childhood places that have shuttered their doors over the years. Let's reminisce in the comments section below!