The on-air DJs here at WOBM usually leave the politics to our award winning news team. But with yet another incident of Governor Christie name calling in public, I'm curious as to your opinions.

In his tenure as Governor of New Jersey, there's been no shortage of times that Mr. Christie has flexed his muscles in public. Even calling an American hero, a former Navy SEAL, an "idiot" in public.

Chris Christie is just one of the many names that has been whispered as a possible Vice Presidential candidate and, for his part, presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney applauds Mr. Christie as being an "extraordinary leader".

Politics aside, I'm of the opinion that name calling is the lowest common denominator response for someone who's been backed into a corner and doesn't have an actual response.

But that's just my opinion, what do you think? Vote on our poll and feel free to leave a (respectful) comment below!