I’ve never been enamored with designer labels.   So imagine my surprise when this week I purchased designer paper towels and a designer wine bottle.

To elaborate:  In the liquor store,  I gravitated toward this display of Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio.  When I picked up the bottle, I saw it had a special label designed by Zac Posen.  If you’re unfamiliar with the name, he’s a famous designer who took the fashion world by storm at a rather young age.  Now, in his 30s, he’s one of the judges on Project Runway.   The colors and graphics on the label are attractive so I chose to buy this special bottle instead of the other competitive brands.

I surprised myself, though, when I splurged on a package of Viva paper towels.  What was so special about it?  The towels were designed by Alyssa Milano.  Yes, the actress from “Who’s The Boss,” “Charmed,” and “Mistresses.”

"Why in the world does the world need paper towel designers?" was my initial negative reaction to seeing her name on the wrapping.   But then I looked closely and realized that the modern graphics really appealed to me.  The look suits my décor much more than traditional “country kitchen” style towels.  I’m not saying I’ll buy “designer” paper towels every time, but it was an impulse buy I don’t regret.

I am curious though about what else we might see with a celebrity name on it.  What products might start coming out with a big star’s name attached?  George Clooney hair gel?  Celine Dion lightbulbs, Matt Damon computers?   Sandra Bullock laundry detergent?

I wonder if this is the start of a new trend with celebrities attaching their names to more than just clothing and fragrances.

If you were to design or name something after yourself, what would it be?  I might go for Lisa’s Chocolate Chip cookies.    It’s fun to imagine…