Did Any Childhood Friends Grow Up To Be Famous?
Seeing the newly announced list of inductees for the New Jersey Hall of Fame, I found myself wishing I grew up in the Garden State. Wouldn't it be cool, I thought, to have been in a high school play with Meryl Streep, or to have sat next to Steven Van Zant, Debbie Harry, Frankie Valli, or Glor…
Celebrity Designers Designing…Paper Towels?
I’ve never been enamored with designer labels.   So imagine my surprise when this week I purchased designer paper towels and a designer wine bottle.
To elaborate:  In the liquor store,  I gravitated toward this display of Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio...
Celebrity Lookalikes in Ocean County?
Celebrity lookalikes are in the news this week after a photo of a 21 year old Brit named Ty Jones went viral.  He's the spitting image of singer Ed Sheeran!  The two guys could be twins.
Given how everyone loves Ed Sheeran, you'd think Jones would be happy about his similar appear…
What Happens When You See A Celebrity?
Over the weekend while walking near Penn Station in NYC, I noticed fashion designer (and Project Runway winner) Christian Siriano.  He was alone, walking towards me so I would have been able to say something.  But I didn't.  He walked on by and kicked myself feeling like it was a…
Saying “Good-Bye” to Robin Williams
It was a weird day yesterday, August 11th, 2014.  I started hearing the news while I was in the doctor's office about Robin Williams.  I couldn't believe it.  Could it really be true?  And then a possible suicide.
Happy Birthday Tom Hanks!
Recently in Reader's Digest he was voted number one of the 100 "Most Trusted Person in America".  Today he celebrates his 57th birthday!  Happy Birthday Tom!

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