Students in Brick Township schools can start acclimating to the idea of seeing police roaming the halls frequently. It's part of changes in the school district's security policy in the aftermath of the Newtown massacre.

Brick Township High School

District and police staffers on the School Safety Committee are reviewing and reshaping safety and security policies and procedures.

In a joint statement, Superintendent Dr. Walter Uszenski and Police Chief Nils Bergquist said that all township schools are included in the initiative. Uniformed officers are under orders to frequent the schools in their patrol districts and check security measures.

"Detectives from the Investigations Divisoin have been randomy attending each school throughout the day and evaluating the current security measures that are in place," the statement reads in part. "They are also, in conjunction with the School Resource Officers, meeting with each school's administrator to address any safety concerns they might have."

They say that the committee is always looking for innovative ways to improve safety in each school.