Six Common Traits of Happy People, Is This You?

So here is an article that I came across this Monday Morning and found it interesting. We all want to be happy, but are we ? Here is a list put together by the folks at

See if any of these "Happy" traits applies to you!

Tell us are you happy  ?  :)

#1.)  They're Resilient.  Meaning when something bad happens or there's a setback, they keep going and don't dwell on it.  And when bad things DO happen, they're able to put it in context, and remember that their life is still MOSTLY good.



#2.)  They Look for Solutions.  So, instead of venting and just talking about their problems over and over again, they look at a problem and try to FIX it.



#3.)  When They're Angry, They Don't Try to Hide It.  Instead, they see negative emotions as a sort of internal wake-up call.  And they use them as a guide to help figure out if they need to re-evaluate something in their life.



#4.)  They Challenge Themselves.  Meaning they look for things they like to do, then try to MASTER them.  They're also realistic about HOW good they are at something, but they don't let themselves get discouraged.



#5.)  They're Forgiving.  When you WON'T forgive someone, it prevents YOU from moving on.  So happy people tend to forgive minor slip-ups pretty quickly.



#6.)  They See Themselves as Part of Something Bigger.  It might have to do with religion, family, community or something totally different.  But most people are happier when they feel like they're serving something bigger than themselves.