Considering how strange things have been here in Ocean County lately, it feels like the holiday season is the last thing on our minds.

But of course that hasn't stopped retailers and businesses. The malls are getting Santa set up, the holiday music is playing, and the holiday TV commercials are well on their way to being everywhere.

But for me at least, it seems strange. I think part of it is because Sandy basically cancelled Halloween. In the past we've had Halloween at the first marker of the season, then Thanksgiving, then Hanukkah and Christmas. But because we didn't really get a chance to celebrate Halloween, it feels a little weird to be thinking about the other holidays.

But, taking a look at the white landscape that unexpectedly blanketed us yesterday, it is that season for sure.

So are you in holiday mode yet, or have things just been to disjointed around here for you to really get in the mood? Tell us in the comments section!