Dear Wawa,

I love you, I really do. But we need to talk.

There is one thing, and one thing only, that has frustrated me to no end about how you do things.

First though, let me tell you what I do love about Wawa:

Most of all, I love your convenience. Great locations in Ocean County, fast service, and good food.

I really like your wheat "Shorti" rolls. Your cookies, especially my favorite, the frosted oatmeal raisin, are second to none. And when the weather gets cold I look forward to your soups. Especially the baked potato and chicken corn chowder.

As the kids would say these days, "nom, nom, nom"

But there's one thing that drives me nuts - you see, I like to have my sub, excuse me, "hoagie" condiments actually in my sandwich.

Now I understand that sometimes a Wawa sub...erm, hoagie, is stuffed with so much wonderfulness that it may be difficult to jam everything into the fluffy roll. But honestly, nothing is worse that opening a lovingly wrapped torpedo sandwich and finding tomatoes slapped on top of the roll like an edible afterthought.

I've found that this seems to be the way of things at many Wawa locations. Is the flippant tomato placement part of the training process at Wawa?

I'm not proud to say this, but I've honestly chosen a competitor over Wawa in the past, knowing that my tomato would end up in my sandwich, instead of seemingly part of the wrapping process (I was, of course, disappointed with my culinary experience in the end).

There are no hard feelings, Wawa, I really just needed to get that off my chest.

I'm currently enjoying the sandwich that you see above, your delicious chicken salad, but only after I opened it up and placed my tomatoes inside.

Keep up the good work, but please consider reevaluating your tomato protocol.

Much love,