A phony ID and document ring has been busted. It provided driver’s licenses, student visas and other ID’s to illegal immigrants from South Korea.

22 people in six States have been charged in the scheme, including six here in New Jersey.

New Jersey FBI Chief Michael Ward says a cooperating witness was able to infiltrate the group and make purchases and record conversations. Young-Kyu Park, formerly a resident of Fort Lee, and currently a resident of Los Angeles, was the leader of a criminal enterprise operating in Palisades Park and Fort Lee, as well as in other states.

U-S Attorney for New Jersey Paul Fishman says brokers across the country recruited and served customers of these phony licenses and I-D’s and shepherded them through the documentation process.

FBI /New Jersey spokeswoman Sandra Woodruff says clients of this scheme were charged anywhere from three-thousand to 45-hundred dollars for these services.

What added authenticity to the documents was the fact the ring managed to gain access to protected blank government immigration forms and utilize sophisticated computer software in creating the phony I-D’s and licenses. 17 of the 22 had been arrested by Wednesday afternoon.