Boardwalk bars in Point Pleasant Beach have rejected a proposed 1 a.m. closing time that would have settled a long-running dispute with borough government.

Instead, the bars are counting on state liquor regulators to overturn a midnight closing law passed by the Borough Council last month.

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Jenkinson's and Martell's say the borough has been trying to make them pay more money in order to stay open later. The bars rejected an overture made Tuesday night in which the borough was willing to split the difference between the current 2 a.m. closing and the proposed midnight shutdown.

Both establishments say in a statement they had no discussion about a compromise prior to last night's vote and say talks have broken down with the Council.

Zach Hosseini, an Alcoholic Beverage Commissioner spokesman tells the Patch of Point Pleasant he had not yet heard if the boardwalk businesses had rejected the 1AM compromise. He said that ABC Director Michael Halfacre would indeed make a decision on whether or not the new ordinance would take effect on Sunday.

Point Pleasant Beach says it needs to end early-morning rowdiness by bar patrons returning to their cars.

Unless the state intervenes, the midnight bar closing law takes effect Sunday.



“The payment of dollars has been inextricably linked to the hours of operation. At each and every meeting with members of the governing body over the past five months, the demand has always been money for extended hours.

The proposal last night was nothing more than an attempt by the mayor and the three members of council to posture a position concerning the hours of closing which has never been discussed previously.

Jenkinson’s and Martell’s have diligently tried to resolve the issues. Numerous meetings over the past five months have proven futile. Talks have broken down.

The Director of the ABC will render his decision by the close of business Friday.”

The Associated Press contributed to this story.