A little boy's discovery on a shore beach Friday morning brings a sigh of relief to the owner and praise by police in Beach Haven.

Luca was on the beach with his family taking pictures Friday when he saw something shiny and sparkly.

What he found was an expensive and deeply meaningful engagement ring that had been reported lost in September at that exact beach.

Luca knew what to do when he found it and gave it to police who in turn gave him a special BHPD patch you can see pictured along with his dad Vinny.

Young boy, Luca, who found lost engagement ring and his dad Vinny. (Beach Haven Police Department)

The ring was returned to the owner after a proper I-D by police who say the owner, "was beyond ecstatic with the news and couldn't thank Luca enough."

"The Beach Haven Police Department would like to thank Luca for going out of his way to do the right thing," BHPD said on Facebook. "Great Job Luca!!"

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