Summer's in full swing and there's no better place to relax and have some fun during these few months than the Jersey Shore. I'm a Jersey Girl, born and raised, so I may be a little biased but, it really is the best.

Here's a typical day when you're down the shore:

*Get up fairly early because you want to get the most of your beach day (especially if it's a nice day). Isn't it funny how you hate getting up early at home but you don't mind when you're down the shore? Haha.

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*Walk to that amazing homemade donut place to indulge. Donuts are the best down the shore, aren't they?

*Hit the beach. Yes, it's an all day thing. Don't forget to pack your cooler bag with your Wawa or Jersey Mike's hoagie. So Jersey, isn't it?

*After about noon, start chatting with your friends about where "No Shower Happy Hour" is going to be,  and where you're going to spend the night ahead (after a shower. haha).

That's where this list I found on Instagram comes in...The Best Beach Bars in NJ. You may have been to some, but, the rest, you've got to check out this summer.

Keep reading, you can check out all the places that made @megthings_ list.

1. Donovan's Reef in Sea Bright

2. Jenks in Point Pleasant Beach

3. Sand Bar in Seaside Park

4. Beach Bar in Asbury Park

5. PigDog in Wildwood

6. Water Mark in Asbury Park

7. Sea Shell Resort in Beach Haven, LBI

You want to go right now, don't you? They all look like so much fun.

Maybe I'll see you there.

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