New Lidl Coming to Howell Township
New Lidl Coming to Monmouth County ... Monmouth County is about to get a new Lidl Supermarket in Howell. According to a recent article, Lidl will take over the former Best Buy location on Route 9 in Howell Township.
See If Your Bottled Water Is Part Of The Recall [Chart]
Earlier this week we told you about the massive recall of store brand bottled water from dozens of retailers, including grocery chains in New Jersey like ShopRite, Stop & Shop, Wegman's, and more. Niagara, the company that bottles the store brand water, such as Stop & Shop&…
Bottled Water Recall
Bottled water cases that may have made it to the shelves of New Jersey supermarkets are being recalled due to E. coli contamination concerns.
Everything Costs Four Dollars
What in the world is happening at the grocery store? Did I go to sleep and wake up 2 years later with  no memory of the gradual climb in the cost of food? I'm in a supermarket almost every day. I just get a few things I need. When I arrive, I'm usually a woman on a…