It is winter and of course when Old Man Winter is in town, it’s “pothole” season. As the temperatures go down the number of horrible “potholes” go up.


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Nothing worse then your car smashing through a pothole that snuck up on you and your car feels like the wheels are falling off. How many times do you go and get a front end alignment and tire rotation, only to smash into a pothole 5 minutes after you leave your mechanic. It’s annoying and can be expensive.

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Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels


Now who is to blame? It’s hard to control every inch of every roadway in Ocean County. The pothole outbreak happens every year, possibly the best defense is a good offense? Is there new ways to pave that reduces future potholes? I don’t know the answer to this, but as we build more rockets to fly to space I hope we will also take some time to come up with a roadway that doesn’t disintegrate into rubble…

I asked YOU to let me know what roads you think are the worst “pothole roads”. I want to mention one I run into a lot. It a portion of Center Street in Tuckerton (Photos In Article) it is a mess, so bad in one section it feels like your driving on a cobblestone road.


Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels

Here are YOUR nominations for worst pothole roads…..

Derek: Hooper Avenue

Pattie: Brown Ave in Lakehurst and Union Ave that run through lakehurst little town horrible

Iva: Rt.9 in Bayville just had the roads paved and there's already new potholes!

Bob: Rt9 lakewood thru bayville

Billy: Union Avenue in Lakehurst the main street but terrible

John: NJ. Worst roads in America

Amanda: Each and every one of them in Lakewood. All of Lakewood is just one pot hole. The tire company makes millions from cars in Lakewood. And they’re whole front end of people cars. It’s so bad in Lakewood.

Cindy: LOL Not enough time to mention all of them.

Bob: Is a pot hole like a pot head?

Michelle: LBI construction construction construction = BAD Roads!!!

Patricia: Peter Avenue in Toms River.

Let us know what YOU think, post your nominations below 👇🏻


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