It’s been a while since gas prices have been high enough to make drivers think twice about how far they go or how often they fill up, but this new survey suggests that time is fast approaching ~ Jana Tidwell  AAA Mid-Atlantic.



New Jersey residents are not only paying for the cost when it comes to driving, we are also paying for the "gas tax" which Governor Christie signed into law .... and now it looks like you'll be paying more at the pumps by Summer .... hmmm what are your thoughts?


Gov. Chris Christie signed the much talked about "23-cent gas tax" into law last Autumn, the measure went into effect November 1st which raised the price at the pump for Jersey residents. In a recent "Patch" post it was sited that the measure is intended to replenish the state's bankrupt Transportation Trust Fund, which funded the projects that Christie had stopped when the money ran dry in July.


Do you feel the "Gas Tax" will revive the Transportation Trust Fund?


So back to the Summer increase ... It's looking like a 40 cent per gallon increase for regular unleaded in New Jersey, according to forecasts by Triple-A Mid-Atlantic! So almost a dollar a gallon increase from this time last year! Looking at nearly $2.70 a gallon by Summer.


Will higher pump prices keep you from added driving this summer?


Sound off and let us know what you think ....



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