....when unfortunately there always seems to be an accident on Rt. 9 in front of the ShopRite plaza.  I live close by and trying to get into Wells Fargo Bank along Rt 9 there always seems to be an accident or some kind of police presence there.

I always thought there should be a light at Fredrick Drive and Rt. 9 right in front of the Berkeley Shopping Plaza.  Either it's someone trying to cross Rt. 9 or an accident. Something is always going on at that busy intersection.  There is a bus stop, right across the street from Wells Fargo.  I just feel a stop light needs to be there.

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Another intersection in Bayville that is starting to really back up is Veeder Lane and Ocean Gate Drive, especially when H & M Potter Elementary School gets out for the day.  But, soon there will be lots of cars coming to and from right at the corner of Ocean Gate Drive  / Veeder Lane with the new townhouses that just were built.  I feel a light needs to go up here, as well.

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These intersections are the intersections I deal with in my every day life.

I would love to know what intersections in Ocean County need a traffic light...let us know!

Let's talk about this and hopefully town officials will start listening to their residents!  Let's all be safe!  


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