How do you feel when you see peoples' vacation photos on social media?  According to a study by a U.K insurance company Aviva, an overwhelming majority are annoyed when they see holiday pictures.

I admit that sometimes I get a little envious, particularly if I'm having a stressful week. Seeing my friends relax in some beautiful locale fills me with a pang of "oooohhh, I wish I could be there too."  But for the most part I LOVE to see vacation photos!

If my friends are happily vacationing, then I'm happy for them.  If they are excited to share whatever scenic, strange, or fun thing they're experiencing, then I'm interested too.

I've even gotten ideas for my travel wish list by reading others' vacation posts.  And friends have told me that my pictures from Iceland inspired them to visit there, so that's a bonus!

How do you feel about vacation photos?  Do you post a lot?  Do you like looking at other peoples'?

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