I have to be honest the idea of "spelunking" is not necessarily my favorite activity to consider doing. I guess you could say I may suffer from a bit of claustrophobia. The thought of being in a tight cave underground is not my idea of fun. I will say that I'd go into a large cave and look around, but if we have to go deeper and tighter, well count me out. We have been in the Sterling Hill Mine, which is another tale for another time, but it was ok and I didn't feel claustrophobic. Have you ever gone caving and went into tight caves where it was challenging to make your way through? Post your comments below and let us know how the experience was.


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Where Is The Largest Cave In New Jersey?

So I wanted to find out where the largest cave in New Jersey Is located. According to New Jersey Digest, Crooked Swamp Cave Preserve is "the deepest cave. It's located in Lafayette, New Jersey. "Composed of eight sections and passages totaling 1,250 feet, this Lafayette cave is the longest in the state. Along with the impressive title, Crooked Swamp Cave resides in a much larger wildlife preserve and marsh complex."



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According to NJ.com, "Public access to the cave resources is restricted and limited. Visitors who wish to explore the Crooked Swamp Cave must first contact the NJ Cave Conservancy to arrange for a guided tour." CLICK HERE for more information on the Crooked Swamp Cave. There is also more info on New Jersey caving  CLICK HERE




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