So this article combines delicious cocktails with a dash of mystery. This cocktail bar is one that everyone in New Jersey talks about but is a "hidden gem". In a recent article by Lovefood, they discussed the top cocktail bars in America that everyone wants to have a drink at. "Cocktails are becoming more and more sophisticated and elaborate – and so are the places that serve them. Whether you're craving a classic, looking for something innovative, or want to sip on retro drinks in a fun, colorful setting, there are some great cocktail bars across the US. We've selected the best in each state, based on customer reviews, awards, and the overall quality of mixology, ingredients, and atmosphere. From 'secret' speakeasies to bright and breezy distillery tasting rooms."


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This article is highlighting not only the drinks but the location and atmosphere of these highly-rated cocktail bars. Just like a great restaurant, these cocktail bars have the "it" factor and everyone always loves "it". Maybe you are not even a "cocktail" fan, but finding and enjoying the atmosphere of this classic "speakeasy" here in New Jersey may be on a lot of people's "must-visit" list. In fact, the selection for New Jersey is just that. It's a hidden cocktail bar that is like a speakeasy out of the 1920s dating back 100 years ago. There are no signs, no markings, just look and try to find this hidden bar.



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According to Lovefood, "Another hidden cocktail bar, The Junto Attic Bar above the Franklin Social tavern has no signage, but it doesn’t really matter because word of mouth is enough. Inside, it’s calm, quiet, and lit by the glow of the amazing stained-glass windows. Seasonal cocktails, like the refreshing and minty Cool For The Summer, are simply stunning. The dealer’s choice is great for indecisive drinkers."

Have you been to the Junto Attic Bar in Jersey City? Could You find it? Give us your review. Is there another extra special cocktail bar in New Jersey you want to recommend? Cheers!


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