Today is Equal Pay Day.  It's meant to bring attention to the 20% wage gap that exists, on average, between men and women.  I've always been treated well by this radio station so don't have any personal experience with pay inequality but I know many who do.  What I find shocking about today's date is that it's the day that an (average) woman would have to work until, in addition to having worked all of 2016, to earn what the (average) man earned last year.  It's really disturbing and eye-opening when you look at it like that, right?  Would anyone really want to work for free for three extra months?

You'll be seeing a lot about this on social media today.  Sheryl Sandberg from Facebook and is among several big names trying to raise awareness about the gender pay gap.  Yahoo also got involved, partnering with the comics at Funny or Die to make some serious points with this humorous video.

It's great that progress has been made over the years, but there's still a ways to go before men and women get paid equally for doing the same type of work.  What do you think will help?

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