We live in busy times and because things are busy we need time-savers in our life. A case in point is the "drive-thru". Think about it. We drive-thru our pharmacy to pick up medication, we drive-thru the bank to get money, we drive-thru the car-wash to clean our ride, we drive-thru easy-pass on the toll roads, we drive-thru some fast food places too.

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So as you can see we do like "drive-thru's" but what about pizza? I have never gone through a pizza drive-thru. I've had pizza delivered but I've never done through the drive-up window to grab a pie. That may soon change though here in Toms River.

By the way, if you have gone through a drive-thru to pick up a pizza pie I'd love to know where that was? Like I said I personally never have done that.



Unsplash.com Moti Abebe
Unsplash.com Moti Abebe


How do you feel about drive-thru pizza? Why not if the pie is good it may save time. According to Patch, there is a new Pizza Hut "drive-thru" coming to Toms River. The article pointed out that "Pizza Hut is one of two businesses that have signed on at the new retail site under construction in the Silverton section of Toms River." They added that Pizza hut hopes to be up and running by summer here in Ocean County, with a "drive-thru". Grab your pie and go.

What do you think? is this a game-changer for you?

One last question, have you tried their new "Spicy" pie? let me know what you thought.


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