I couldn't believe how cool these dinosaurs are at Six Flags Great Adventure.

For the summer, Six Flags is having Xpedition Dino at their drive-thru safari. It's really cool. I think your whole family will love it.

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Check out these pictures.

Check Out the Really Cool Dinosaurs at Xpedition Dino at Six Flags Great Adventure Safari

I knew it was something we wanted to see and boy did we. There are two options, drive-thru while enjoying the Six Flags Safari Drive-thru or you can walk through the dinosaurs from inside the park at dusk when the safari closes.

If you have a membership or season pass, $5 extra for each member or season pass for the drive-thru safari. If you don't have a season pass or membership to Six Flags, it's $24.99 per person for the drive-thru safari and Xpedition Dino. The walk-through experience is from 6 pm through dusk with a park admission ticket, membership, or season pass for $5 per person. Reservations are required for the drive-thru safari and Xpedition Dino. Click here to get your tickets.

Last year, due to Covid-9, Six Flags Great Adventure opened up their safari drive-thru, once again. Growing up we always remember driving through to see the animals in our own car. Several years ago, Six Flags started an off-road experience ride for the Safari from inside the park. I absolutely love driving through the safari in our own car.

The drive-thru (in our own cars) is open again this year and the Xpedition Dino is an add-on to the safari. For more information and pricing for the Wild Safari Drive-Thru Adventure at Six Flags, click here.

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