So we know that beer is very in these days. So many local breweries are popping up here in New Jersey and millions love their frosty cold "adult" beverages, but what about for dessert?

That's right, Haagen-Dazs has come out with a new beer-flavored ice cream and I gave it a try this past weekend.

It's no mystery I love stout beer. In fact, Guinness is my favorite. This new ice cream is a Chocolate Stout... so count me in!

It's called "Spirits" and it's a stout chocolate pretzel crunch ice cream and to be honest, I loved it! It has hints of stout (dark beer), coffee, chocolate and pretzel. It's delicious and definitely something I'd buy again (actually my Sister-In-Law surprised me with it). It is a bit bitter, like a dark chocolate taste to it, but I was surprised by how enjoyable it was. Like a Guinness float with a bowl of pretzels on the bar.

Don't worry about getting blasted during dessert - it contains less than 0.5% alcohol by volume.

Listeners had this to say:

  • Fran said "NOPE!"
  • Chris said "Waaaaat???!!! That looks amazing!"


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