They're Better When They're Cold
With the brutally hot weather we're having this week, I'm going to address a cool topic:  Frozen Chocolate Bars.
Ever since I was a kid, I would put my Milky Ways and Hershey bars in the refrigerator or the freezer (depending on my mood and whether or not I was wearing braces at the ti…
New Chocolate Flavor Coming to Seaside Heights!
I was looking at Instagram on Wednesday when I noticed that our friends at Van Holten's in Seaside Heights are going to be introducing a new "chocolate" flavor! So what do you think about Chocolate Covered Beef Jerky? That's right they are coming out with this new item soon!
New Chocolate to be Unveiled
There is milk, dark, white and now "ruby" chocolate! Developers with Nestle have come up with the reddish chocolate and will unveil the 4th chocolate variety with Kit-Kats in Europe and eventually here in America!
"Ruby" chocolate is made from the the ruby cocoa be…
Where is the Best Chocolate at the Jersey Shore?
Valentine's Day is coming up and we are on the hunt for the best "chocolate" shops here at the Jersey Shore! We want to know where YOU go and hopefully help other listeners who are the hunt for delicious treats for their loved ones for Valentine's Day!
Join Shawn & Sue's Birthday Club
Join Shawn & Sue's Birthday Club - brought to you by Van Holten's Chocolates & Fudge, creating memories one piece of candy at a time!
Tune in for Shawn & Sue's Birthday Club every weekday morning at 6:45AM and listen for your name as we un down all of our listen…

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