It was just yesterday that we told you about the anonymous note that two Toms River Police officers found on their car after eating lunch. Today, we have another heartfelt story of thanks to Toms River's finest.

This story goes much deeper, with a woman penning a letter to the department to express her gratitude for an incident two years ago.

In the letter, she recounts how she was pulled over and charged with DUI after a night of drinking in Seaside Heights.

Instead of bitterness however, the letter takes a much different tone, with the woman offering the TRPD a, " thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving my life".

She goes on to say, "If it wasn't for you, my mom may have lost a daughter".

You can read the whole letter for yourself below:


It's inspiring to see someone for whom the system truly worked.

And not just that, but to recognize that the police weren't out to hassle her, but genuinely ended up being a turning point in her life.

You can also check out our story from yesterday, in which an anonymous letter writer left a heartwarming note on a Toms River Police car, by clicking here.


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