It's no secret that "America's Got Talent" judge Howie Mandel is a germophobe. In fact, he could be credited with bringing the fist bump into everyday life from his days of avoiding handshakes on "Deal Or No Deal". So, if you put him on the spot and pretty much double dare him to stick his hand in a kid's mouth, will he do it?

Here's the backstory - AGT warm-up comedian Tom Kelly (full disclosure, a good friend of mine from college) saw an opportunity to put Howie on the spot. An 8-year-old in the audience had a loose tooth, so Tom straight up dared Howie to stick his hand in the kid's mouth and pull the tooth.

In fact, Tom was so sure that Howie would be so repulsed by the situation and not even consider it, that he told the kid that he'd give him $100 if Howie actually went through with it.

So what happened? Watch:


The lesson here? Never dare Howie Mandel to do something, because it'll cost you!

Have you ever dared someone to do something that you didn't think they'd actually do? Would you pull a kid's tooth for $100? Comment below and let us know!

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