Don't even think about saying these words in front of us.

When you live in New Jersey, you have a lot to deal with.  We have unusual road structures, statewide debates on specific words, and a ton of inaccurate stereotypes to fight off.  These things can get incredibly tiresome and frustrating.

You're equally as passionate about the frustrations of living in New Jersey as I am.  When I asked you to name some words that are guaranteed to annoy New Jerseyans, you did not hold back.  I found myself chuckling because I could relate so easily to some of your responses.

Here's an example of a word I find annoying that did not make the cut.

Beach Badge

I'm sorry...I know we need them to cover certain costs, but I still don't get how some states are able to maintain their beautiful beaches without charging people to use them.  Beaches are nature, and nature should be free to enjoy for everyone!  Figure it out, New Jersey!

Excuse me, I got carried away there for a second.  But, see how fired up I just got?  That's the type of response you'll have when you read the 10 annoying words you came up with.

Mentioning any of these words to a New Jerseyan is enough to ruin our day.  So before you take in what you're about to read, maybe take a deep breath (and make sure there isn't anything that can be easily thrown around you).

Remember, don't get too upset! It's only just a post.

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