We live in a great region if you enjoy going to concerts.  All the major artists make stops within driving distance of South Jersey.

I love going to concerts.  There's something about seeing your favorite artist in person, playing your favorite songs.  Hearing your favorite songs live, is the ultimate way to appreciate the talent of the artist.

When we buy tickets, we always try to find the best seats we can possibly afford.  I remember buying tickets for my very first concert.  It was Cheap Trick, and they were set to appear at the Spectrum.

I stood in line at the Ticketron counter at the record store (remember those) in Quakerbridge Mall.  When it was my turn, the guy at the counter punched in the information, and offered me tickets in the 9th row.  Talk about beginner's luck!  I'm sure I probably paid about 25 bucks for the tickets...for the pair.

That was 1979, and while the cost of tickets has risen, I still always try to find the best seats.

I've noticed something at concerts the last few years that has me perplexed.  More and more, people seem to spend their whole time watching the concert through the lens of their phone.

I recently went to see Goo Goo Dolls at the Borgata, and I couldn't help but notice the guy in front of me.  He watched the whole concert on his phone.  From beginning to end his eyes never left his phone.

Steve McKay
Steve McKay

Then, I looked around, and it was comical, actually.  So many people were literally watching the concert through their phone.

Steve McKay
Steve McKay

Think about it.  The average cost of a concert ticket is $95.  Why pay all that money to see an artist live, if you're going to watch the show on your phone?  I can't imagine paying a grand to see Taylor Swift, and then watching the show on my phone.

To each their own, I guess.  It just seems like people are missing the best part of the concert- seeing the artist up close and live.

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