So a friend of mine called me this week and said he needed me to talk him off the ledge because he couldn’t take it any longer.

The breaking point for him came while watching the Little League World Series the other day.  As has become the norm the players introduce themselves on ESPN and for years after giving their name and position they would then mention their favorite major league player.

According to my friend that is no longer the case. Instead of naming their favorite player they now disclose their favorite Emoji which for the benefit of those that don’t know is the pictures you might use in a text message or social media posting like a smiley face, red heart or even a baseball.

To my friend who I’ll identify as RD this was simply too much and he was on the ledge and needed to be rescued which I did by taking the “hey you think that’s bad approach” and making my own case.

When is someone going to have the guts to simply say SHUT UP to a long list of those who don’t know when to stop talking?  While it would be disrespectful don’t you wish our President would simply zip his lips at times and yes I could say the same for many other so-called leaders in Washington.

While we’re at it if I never heard another word uttered by Al Sharpton that would be fine.  Same for Patrick Lynch, the President of the New York City PBA.  I like to support the police just as much as the other guy but in true union fashion he never finds fault with his own people which is the problem with unions.

However at the top of my SHUT UP list is Odell Beckham Jr. whose "woe is me" act has become so tiring that I’m at a loss for words to describe how much I want to see him just go away.  He is the poster child for the spoiled, egotistical, pampered and coddled pro athlete who receives way too many headlines that have nothing to do with their athletic abilities.

OBJ is the all-time PIA and for all his amazing talent his legacy will likely be “what he could have been” instead of what he accomplished.

Just once, just once I would love to hear someone say SHUT UP in public to those that don’t know how to.  Of course I hope it’s not me on the receiving end of those two words.


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