It wasn't until I spent a good amount of time outside of New Jersey that I realized something life altering - you can't get good bagels outside of New Jersey and New York City.

Sure, you can go to any number of national chains that are churning out cookie cutter bagels every day. And heck, I even went to a school that has a whole building literally named after the guy who invented the frozen bagel.

But try as they might, nobody can touch the chewy, doughy perfection that is the New Jersey bagel (contrary to popular myth, no, it's not the water that makes them better).

They're revered to the point that some of my family members in Wisconsin literally stock up when they come out to visit. And I can guarantee that my family members aren't the only ones who are filling their luggage with a pile of perfect bagels.

That being said, not only do we make the best bagels here in New Jersey, but Ocean County has plenty of great places to load up.

From Point Pleasant Beach's aptly named Round Dough With A Hole to Bayville's Oh What A Bagel (who deliver dozens of delicious bagels to the WOBM offices every Friday), everyone has a favorite.

Which is where you come in!

We want to know who you think the undisputed barons of bagels are in Ocean County. Drop a comment below or on our Facebook post by clicking here, and give your favorites a shout out!


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