Over dinner last night, my friends and I discussed the state of politcs right now.  Among the things we agreed on:  The campaign season has gone on too long.  We're all feeling burned out and are tuning out the TV commercials.  We're concerned that the young people who are about to vote for the first time are getting a distorted impression of American politics.

We also shared our disgust that political signs are being stolen from front lawns!  Who is doing this?  If it's not teenage pranksters, then it must be grown adults.  And if it's adults, aren't we supposed to be mature and respectful of other people's opinions and property?

I just don't understand why people would resort to stealing signs off of lawns.  I don't have any campaign materials on my property so this is not a personal issue.   And this is not a beef about just one party's signs being removed.   Signs for both presidential candidates are disappearing.  I'm just feeling sorry for the people who wanted to show support for their candidate and now can not because of the thieves.

Aren't we better than this, Ocean County?