It's that time again.

Police are reminding you to lock your motor vehicles and bring all valuables inside.

In Jackson Township, police said they responded to a rash of motor vehicle burglaries over the weekend as well as thefts of catalytic converters from vehicles.

First, their reminder:

"Do not leave valuable electronics, large sums of cash, wallets containing credit cards and personal information and most importantly, key fobs, in vehicles when parked. It only takes moments for thieves to take advantage of the opportunity of an unlocked vehicle to steal your belongings."

What happened this weekend:

On Friday afternoon, Jackson Police said three vehicles were stolen and a fourth was looted.

Police responded to the Pine Barrens Golf Club on South Hope Chapel Road around 3:17 pm and learned from the victim that about $200.00 in cash as well as several credit and debit cards were stolen from his 2017 Chevy, which was unlocked.

On Friday night, police were responding to a home on Wilson Boulevard around 11:55 pm after a 2017 Ford Expedition was stolen when they found said vehicle in a wooded area off Don Connor Boulevard and officers said that "the inside had been ransacked".

Officers learned that the Expedition along with a 2018 Jeep and 2018 Honda were also entered into at the residence -- with the keys left inside all of them.

On Saturday morning, police responded to a home on Harding Court around 9:11 am where someone went through the center console and glovebox of a 2020 GMC -- but reportedly stole nothing.

At around 9:55 am, officers drove to Adams Way where someone entered into an unlocked 2016 Ford and stole $20.00 in change and paperwork for a credit card.

A Toms River resident went to Jackson Police Headquarters around 3:40 pm and informed them their vehicle had been burglarized on Friday outside the Pine Barrens Gold Club when someone went into his 2017 Honda "which he thought he had locked" but there was no forced entry damage, police said. What was stolen was $200.00 in cash as well as several credit cards which were then used at a number of stores racking up a bill of more than $6,800.00.

On Saturday night, around 8:47 pm, police learned that someone entered into a 2014 Toyota outside a home on Reagan Drive via a passenger door that was unlocked but nothing was stolen.

On Sunday afternoon, around 3:43 pm, it was reported that someone entered into a 2018 BMW outside a home on Adams Way and went through everything although reportedly stole nothing. Police said the victim couldn't remember if they secured the vehicle since the last time they used it.

Lastly this weekend, Jackson Police said there has been a string of thefts where suspects are taking off with catalytic converters cut off of parked vehicles in a number of areas.

As Jackson Police investigate these thefts, they ask you to call them with any information at 732-928-1111.

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