As fun as Summer can be, it is also a pretty intense time of year between the hot temperatures and lack of rain.

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According to, a water company in New Jersey is trying to preemptively avoid any shortages.

(Pixabay/Danny Smythe/Townsquare Media photo illustration)
(Pixabay/Danny Smythe/Townsquare Media photo illustration)

Here is how you an help.

American Water is asking residents in Monmouth & Ocean Counties to follow a schedule when watering their lawns.

It is all based on the number in your home address.

If you have an odd numbered home, only water your lawn on odd numbered days. If your house number is even, only water your lawn on even numbered days.

Simple enough, right?

I did not know this until now but when you water your lawn is also important.

Christian Delbert

According to, officials are asking that you PLEASE only water your lawns, "in the early morning hours or late in the day to avoid evaporation."

And just like everything else, there are exceptions to this rule which include:

1. Watering new sod or seed

2. Private wells

3. Commercial use like nurseries, farm stands or athletic fields.

American Water is just asking everyone to remain aware on how much water they use to avoid shortages later on this Summer.

For now, they are politely asking.

If matters get worse, this will no longer be a gentle request.

Thanks everyone!

I'm hungry...gotta go....

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