Well this is awkward.  My friend invited me over this weekend for a dinner party.  I've been looking forward to it.  But when I e-mailed asking if she wants me to bring a bottle of red or white she responded, "Red, because we're having Venison."


Venison?  Aren't hunters the only people who eat venison?  No, I know that's not exactly true because of what happened to me many years ago.  On that terrible day when I swerved to avoid hitting a deer and wound up hitting another, the police officer who responded to the site of the crash asked if it would be okay if he tagged the deer so he could eat the Venison.

But back to my momentary panic about having to eat deer meat.  I had to remind myself that I hate being a picky eater.  I have made great progress in the last 10 years or so.  My time in South Korea really expanded my culinary horizons. After all, if I could survive eating octopus tentacles that were still squirming on the plate, I could survive almost anything, right?

I will try on Saturday to be open minded to the deer meat.  This will be a good test to see how far I've really come in my journey to leave my picky ways behind.

Are you a fan of Venison?  Any suggestions for a first-timer like me?  And if you're a formerly picky eater, any tips on sampling something I'm a little uneasy about?

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