He's been a fixture on National TV every weekend.  And now after 22 years hosting "CBS Sunday Morning", Charles Osgood has done his final broadcast.   Did you see the farewell episode?  It was a lovely sendoff.  The legendary newsman will be missed.

The journalists who come into our homes become like reliable friends in a way.  They're the people we trust when they authoritatively tell us about world happenings.  On some shows like "Today" or "Good Morning America," we get a sense of the hosts' personalities as well.  We grow to like and care about them.

I remember in the past being really upset to learn about the planned departures of some of my favorite anchors or hosts.  Jane Pauley was one of them so I'm ecstatic to learn she will now take over Osgood's spot on Sunday mornings!

Who is or was your all-time favorite news anchor or program host?  Who do you wish was still on TV?   Peter Jennings?  Barbara Walters?  Tom Brokaw? Dan Rather? Joan Lunden? Jessica Savitch?  Please tell us who you miss, in the Comments section below.