We seem to be in a season of TV and Movie reboots, with titles like Full House, 90210, and Boy Meets World all having been revived over the past few years.

According to USA Today, another popular 90s series is getting it's turn at a comeback: Saved by the Bell! The article reports that the show will be available on NBC's new streaming service "Peacock." So, what can we expect from the reboot? Here's what USA Today tells us so far:

  • Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley Lauren will be back as Slater and Jessie
  • There will be new characters
  • There's a reference to the famous caffeine pill episode
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I am loving the trailer too - it seems like there is a good mix of references to the old show (it takes place at Bayside, the Max is still where the crew hangs out, the new male lead looks a lot like Zack Morris), but there are some modern day twist (one student was talking about the Kardashians in the hallway - the Kardashians weren't the reality stars we know back in the 90s!). It looks cute and funny without being overdone. Check out the trailer for yourself below:

Here's what we don't know yet - USA Today says there is currently no premiere date for the series. Also, where is Mark-Paul Gosselaar (aka Zack Morris)? This Entertainment Weekly Article says that his character went on to become the Governor of California (I wonder how Mr. Belding feels about that) so I'm thinking he may have a less prominent role in the series.

Saved by the Bell was definitely one of my favorite shows to watch as a kid, and while nothing can top the original, I hope the reboot will be fun!

Diana Tyler
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