I saw a movie over the weekend that I think you'll enjoy.  It's a documentary about the man we all grew up watching on TV:  Fred Rogers.

His show "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood" ran for 31 years.  Each episode featured puppets in a Land of Make Believe.  Through Rogers' dialogue, kids learned that their feelings and doubts are normal.  An ordained minister, he used television as a way to teach the golden rule.  You can see in the film how much he cared about young people.  He listens to them and validates their feelings.  His show helped kids understand complicated and scary things like assassination and losing a pet.

The movie, "Won't You Be My Neighbor," is playing at AMC Loews Seacourt right now.  I hope you find it to be 90 minutes well-spent.

You'll see lots of archival footage from the children's show.  You'll see interview clips with his kids, wife, and colleagues.

With so much turmoil in the world right now, I think this film is what we need.  It reminds us of a more innocent time.  It shows us how this one man used the medium of television to be a positive influence on kids' lives.  And that we can all benefit from having some love and kindness in our lives.

Here is the official trailer.


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