What are the towns that are struggling the most at the Jersey Shore? Are these the "poorest" towns? Or are you surprised by the Top 10 List?

The information was part of the United Way's "ALICE" report, an acronym for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. The report cited towns throughout the State and here at the Jersey Shore. According to the United Way, 37 percent of households in New Jersey could not afford basic needs such as housing, child care, food, health care and transportation and many households are living below the federal poverty level. It's a look at what's being called "working poor".

Seaside Heights has the highest percentage of "working poor" in New Jersey. Here is the Top 10 at the Shore ... as well as their rank State-wide.


  1. Seaside Heights (1)
  2. Asbury Park (10)
  3. Lakewood (21)
  4. Keansburg (24)
  5. Shrewsbury (32)
  6. Freehold (33)
  7. Long Branch (37)
  8. Manchester (38)
  9. Berkeley (52)
  10. Neptune City (58)

Other Towns ...

  • Brick Township #164 in New Jersey
  • Stafford Township #195 in New Jersey
  • Toms River #196 in New Jersey




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