Here's a movie suggestion:  Go see "Hidden Figures" sometime between now and Oscar night, February 26th.  Everyone I know who has seen the movie has loved it.  It's a well-done film, dramatic with touches of humor.  The cast is perfection with the leads portraying 3 women with brilliant minds who want to put their brains, talent, and drive to good use in the space program.  Based on the lives of 3 real women, the film shows how their lives and careers were impacted by racism and sexism.

You will be impressed with these ladies' accomplishments.  Their skill seems to poke a hole in the theory that only men can excel at math.  (On a related note, the fact that many girls start to shy away from math is something that author Danica McKellar wants to change.  She's the actress who played Winnie on The Wonder Years!

I, for one, have always struggled with numbers so I was really intrigued by the story of these math whizzes who were featured in the movie.  And now I'm wondering, who are the math experts in Ocean County?  If your daughter or son is a great number cruncher or otherwise excels in math, give them a shout-out here.  If your child showed they were mathmatically inclined at an early age, let us know how young they were and what they did that impressed you.

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