If you're anything like me, I'm still so confused which face mask or covering is the most effective during Covid-19.

2020 has been a year of droplets, social distancing, and face coverings or masks. The only time I saw a face mask was when I went into the doctors office or dentist office. Now of course, we see them everywhere. They're for sale in every store, some match your outfit, some are comfortable and some are not. I'm so tired of walking into a store and having to run back to the car because I forgot my face mask. From N95 to surgical masks, which are the best?

Let's find out, thanks to businessinsider.com, here are the "BEST" and "WORST" face coverings. This is based on the most recent research of face masks coverings, from businessinsider.com.

A couple of things to keep in mind with face masks, the N95 masks are most protective because they seal around the nose and mouth not letting any "droplets" through. And, the hybrid masks are the best if making them home-made because of the three layer protection. The inner layer absorbs, the middle layer filters, and an outer layer. The World Health Organization recommends three layers for better protection.

Please stay safe, healthy, and have a merry, merry, Christmas. Please wear a mask, whichever you might choose. Because, we've heard it now over the last 8 months, wearing some kind of mask is better than nothing.

Sue Moll
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