It was hard to be productive over the weekend, wasn't it?  Didn't you just want to spend all your time outdoors, relaxing, and enjoying the green trees and colorful flowers.  The sounds of birds chirping almost put me in a trance after I ate dinner outside yesterday.

One of the things I DID check off my to-do list was clean the patio furniture.  That's because I plan on spending a lot of time using it in the backyard. Now that the weather's nice, I'm going to sit out there as much as possible.  To enjoy the sights, smells, and sounds of nature.  And to relax.  It's my oasis.

This weekend got me wondering where everyone goes to enjoy the mild weather.  Do you hang out on a front porch?  A back deck?  Is there a sunroom that you enjoy? Maybe you drive to a local park or beach?  Where's your oasis in Ocean County?