Something odd is happening in my neighborhood, and it's been happening every day for the last two weeks.

Every single day, without exception, I've found change in the parking lot in my neighborhood.

At first I figured that someone must have dropped a pocket full of coins or spilled their car's change dish, but then it kept happening.

And it's always scattered around, not in one place (I took a little artistic license for the photo above to illustrate what I found scattered around today alone).

I also live in a small neighborhood, so there aren't a lot of people coming and going. It's mostly the small group of residents who have been there for years.

It's literally gotten to the point where I thought that someone must be planting it and watching to see if anyone would pick it up.

Last summer I wrote about the unusual pattern of dimes that I had been finding, which some attribute to messages from lost loved ones. But what does it mean when it's all denominations of coins?

Your theories are welcome, because it sure it strange!