Something strange happened to me this past week, and it made me rethink the loose change that many of us see sitting around.

I was having coffee with my friend Boni, from Ocean County Paranormal, and we got to talking about loved ones who've passed.

She asked me if I ever find loose change. I said that, funny enough, I was just shopping with my father last weekend when I saw a coin on the floor and we joked about whether to take it or not.

She said to me that for her, it's always dimes that she sees as a sign from loved ones.

The interesting part that I then told her - the coin that I'd seen on the ground with my dad was a dime.

I smiled at the coincidence, and we wrapped up our coffee date.

When I got to work, I was walking from my car to the door of the office and saw what you see in the picture above - a dime - sitting alone in the parking lot.

That made me pay attention.

I told a few coworkers this exact story, and two of them literally told me the same thing, that they find dimes when thinking of loved ones who've passed.

At this point I was starting to think that this stuff was a little too weird to be coincidence. So I Googled it.

Are dimes just the most common denomination of change that people drop and others find, or are they messages from beyond?

I have no idea.

Is it at least nice to think that someone out there is trying to say "hello"?


Has this ever happened to you? Tell us in the comments section!

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