So the leaves are starting to fall and for most of us in New Jersey, it is time to start "leaf maintenance" here in the Garden State. We want to clean up the leaves and for many of us, we do it ourselves. In full disclosure I use a "leaf blower" and it works best for me and my yard projects. Now my blower is electric, but it does make some noise, but I am courteous, I wait till after 9 am and I am done usually by 5 pm, so I don't have it going on during "off hours" around our neighborhood. For me, folks using outdoor tools do not bother me at all, like "gas-powered" leaf blowers or chainsaws, are not a problem do your thing. I actually think outdoor yard work is part of the fall season, just like I don't mind lawnmowers during summer, I like the smell of fresh-cut grass. Let's face it don't we like our neighborhoods to be maintained and look nice? I do.


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So I came across an article from NJ Monthly and it was titled "The War on Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers Is Revving Up Across NJ" What? Is this a thing? why? So let's look at the basis for this attack on gas-powered leaf blowers. So after some quick research and common sense, it seems yes like any other engine they do give off a certain amount of emissions. "Now, a growing number of towns are instituting strict gas leaf-blower restrictions, or even enacting complete bans." I am assuming, yes I know what happens, but most residential leaf blowing being done by homeowners is electric, I don't know anyone who owns gas-powered blowers, except for those who do heavy work and are landscapers, etc. Chris Bair Chris Bair


So I think the real question is "Can people who work outdoors for a living do it with electric tools?". I don't do this kind of work and it's not fair for anyone, in my opinion, who doesn't do this work to assume that you can. I think we need to sit down and look at options because it's not fair to kill a person's livelihood instantly by passing "bans". Everything has to be gradual, it's not doable to just "ban" things, does that sound like a plan we could all work with? michael podger michael podger


Is the answer to let the wind just blow the leaves? I think after a while they may pile up too much in certain areas, but what do I know? So now let's open this up to you. How do you feel about "gas-powered" lawnmowers and leaf blowers? Feel free to post your comments and let's keep it friendly, or at least no language bombs :)


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